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Motorcycle Mick
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Left bike off charge overnight 0930 checked 12.8 v on multimeter,12.1 on dash display,tried to start ,starter engaged,turned the engine about half a turn and cut out,dash display went all haywire ,numbers flashing but no turn,released the starter ,switched off and on the dash reset,pressed the start button again ,same result,reset it again dash indicated 12.1 v pushed the start button ,and low and behold it turned over and started,indicating 14 v at
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Mr Gazza
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It sounds to me like the battery has broken down inside and playing games with you, but it could also indicate a bad connection somewhere, maybe an earth, or the main lead down to the starter.
I would have the battery out and take it to a garage where they can do some comprehensive checks on it, then renew with a Motobatt if it's faulty.

It's always good to have a look at connections anyway, so no harm in checking the battery connections are nice and firm and clean. Also where the main earth connects to the engine and/or frame. Take the connection apart and make sure that clean bright metal is in contact with clean bright metal. Same with the starter pole, but make very sure that that the threaded post does not turn when you loosen or tighten the nut there may be a square on the end of it that you can hold whilst you turn the nut? If the post turns it will rip out wires connected within and then require a strip to repair! So be careful.

It could also be your solenoid or starter relay playing up. You can bypass those with a jump lead from battery positive to starter pole to see if you get a good starter spin.
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Agree with Mr Gazza, sounds like a battery on it's way out.

I've got a single-cylinder ride-on mower, recently suffered similar - plenty of voltage in the battery but not enough current to turn the starter, new battery solved the problem.

That said my Monster never sounds like it's going to start even with a fully charged battery. Push the starter and it will often 'wait' until it's ready before turning the engine - I assume it's just easing a piston over the compression before getting any momentum?
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[QUOTE=Motorcycle Mick;590198]...dash display went all haywire.../QUOTE]

What exactly happened with the dash? Did the trip and clock reset themselves? Did the dash itself go blank? Did you briefly see a message like "0005 rSW" before the dash shut off? If so, then the dash detected a low voltage and shut itself down to avoid any damage.

That could be caused by either a weak battery or a failing connection in the starting circuit. (It could be something as simple as a loose battery lead.)

Also, check the starter relay. I had a starting problem caused by the relay working itself loose from its housing. Make sure it's pressed fully home and I suggest you also loop a cable tie over the relay so it can't pop out during normal running. It lives on the right side of the battery box (the relay is no. 15 on the first diagram and the battery box is no. 6 on the second).

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Yep battery replacement is first port of call.

I recommend jmp LiFePo types 😜
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It’s a very similar issue to one I had on a 696, the battery being inaccessible it was the last place I looked.....turned out to be loose battery cable connections. My local “guru” put his meter on the Accumate lead and got strange results, he called the connections....he was right!
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