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Modifying Could Become Illegal

Morning All,

Spotted this on page 4 of this weeks MCN
MAG are asking all bikers to respond

Looks like bad news for bikers and car modifyers.

For full details go to

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Its been mooted several times previously but always gone quiet, don't see how they would spin it as the outcome is wipeing out an entire aftermarket industry
The last time iirc was dash warning lights if any non-genuine parts were fitted, and banning home servicing

They I guess see signs as genuine parts and main dealer service invariably cost more therefore Gov gets more in taxes
They don't consider the Engineers,Fabricators,Salespeople,small specialists who feed the modding and trackday industry who will all end up on the dole

But hey no one would ever accuse government of being sensible

"Moderation is a fatal thing...Nothing succeeds like excess"

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If it did ever happen I'd be totally screwed, but suitable fuel being readily available seems to me to be a greater threat. Bitza
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