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Well it got it's MOT today with no advisories.
In 16 miles it hardly even wore the writing off the tyre treads but did make the oil temp gauge move, so that's everything working as it should.

Acceleration is vivid with the speedo sweeping up very quickly to a crescendo coming out of the open airbox egging me on. The devil on my left shoulder shouting C'MON! in glee, while my guardian angel was just sighing FFS!
The tyres were a good choice and it feels well planted in a straight line, but turns in beautifully and holds a tight line round the bends, very sporty and precise.
Plenty of power and feel from the brakes as you'd expect but the levers would need adjusting to my fingers if I were to ride it again.

It's certainly a very competent motorcycle, I might even put the price up..
I did remember why I traded my first one in for an M900 though and it must be the complete polar opposite to an ST2, so good as it is, it's still for sale Simon.
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