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750SSie for sale

I bought this 2 years ago for a major project which would have left it unrecognisable. I made sure I bought a goodun and laid it up straight away, cleaned it, drained the tank and removed the battery.
I've now decided not to go ahead with the project and the very standard bike is untouched, I've decided I need an ST2 to save the Monster from the winter crud.

Just recommissioned it with new Exactfit belts, new oil and filter, new Motobatt and a pair of Battlax 023's (Not my choice, but were highly recommended to me.)
I've been over it thoroughly and checked and cleaned everything I can.
Brake fluids have been changed and clutch will be soon.
I will also polish the levers.
Valves were checked when I first got it and found to be within limits, but I didn't record the numbers. Doh!.
MOT tomorrow or the day after if it's nice and dry. This will be a ride away bike.

2 black keys. No red key required. Nice and simple with no immobiliser. All paperwork present and correct.

Bodywork and frame paintwork is in very good condition and I have to look very hard to find any chips or scratches, certainly nothing that would show in a photo. Wheels however are missing some paint in places. The engine paint is above average for it's age but would still benefit from a re-paint of the covers, perhaps in something a bit brighter than grey? Some of the original fasteners have gone dull and could do with some Stainless and Titanium replacements to add a bit of sparkle.. As you do.

Seems to be bog standard except for an open airbox lid.

Year 2000 750SSie 21000 miles 2400 on here but going for more on eBay in a couple of days time.
Oh, and it's brimming with premium fuel and the fuel lightworks too! As does everything else.


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