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S4R ECU tuning/performance options?

I have a 2004 S4R which is running an open air box, a JHP exhaust system and a Power Commander III. The PC is currently running a generic S4R map which replaced the JHP-supplied map.

I'd like to do away with the PCIII and run either a go-faster factory/DP ECU or have the bike's own ECU reflashed which I believe is now doable.

My questions:

There's an ECU currently on Ebay that looks like it might be in the ballpark, part number 96511603B, described as "racing, high level silencers". Has anybody used such a thing or do you have an opinion to offer?

I'd also like to hear of any experiences you might have had with a similar setup and any recommendations you can make of good people in the trade to speak to who could help.

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