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guest speaker

Hi again everyone, jumping threads like a grasshopper in a cotton shop here.... time to remove the mystery of the guest speaker, for reasons that will become clear when you see the tee shirt design,

Sports Motorcycles Manchester have a well earned place in Ducati folklore being the providers of the Bike and support for a certain Mike Hailwood when he decided to make a comeback in 1978.
Steve Wynne now resides in New Zealand,however his business partner throughout the Manchester days ,Peter Kynnersley remains in the UK. We are proud he is part of our group,a regular at the Lockgate and delighted to announce him as our guest speaker on Saturday May 4th.

Pete is looking forward to telling the story of the greatest comeback in motorcycle sport....and a few other ripping yarns.

Hope you are all looking forward to it, now see the tee shirt thread
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